“SAPI”was founded in 2002. This company provides bigger stability to the individual entrepreneurial activities of the company and as an integral whole it belongs among the strongest subjects operating in this field on the market;

SAPIis the manufacturing/service provider company, which devotes itself mainly to the manufacturing of Car Accessories, GPS, Parking System etc of the products in the field of auto mobile industry. The activities of the company are especially oriented to the world wide operations.

SAPI manufacturing and istributes products and services to their importers/resellers across a variety of markets. Our exceptional R&D infrastructure ensures we can provide technology to our clients throughout planet. Our export deaprtment can fulfill many shipments per day and same-day shipping capabilities ensure that our customers receive their product quickly and accurately.

As regards marketing, SAPIdevotes itself mainly to the manufacturing of auto mobile products, which is appropriate for using in all enterprises. The company watches the trend concerning brings the informative technologies nearer to as many customers as possible.

Serving Our Customers

Our stock list is send to our strategic partners.Furthermore to know our expected schedule all our clients receive updates referring to the quantity / price / expected arrival/departure dates in order to meet anticipated market shortfalls.Our mechanism is bi-directional - our distributors suggest anticipated market demand.

The spectacular sales growth clearly shows the company's dedication to finding the most attractive products for the local market.

Our customers and the marketplace reinforce“SAPI”proven ability to be the best provider of auto parts for the market.

For the SAPI company market share has always comes first, pricing strategies being flexible to react to worldwide price shifts and local pressures.

Factory picture